Koh Phangan, Thailand (Full Moon Party)

There is a few ways to get to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui, one is to fly into Koh Samui, the other way is transportation from bus, van and/or train which will take you to Surat Thani and from there take a ferry to the island of your choice.


Koh Phangan is known for the Full Moon Party, but the island host many other parties, like Half Moon Party and Jungle Party. I suggest checking online for times, prices, etc.

The island is big, it is not small like Koh Phi Phi. To get around the island, you will need a taxi, scooter taxi or rent a scooter. The taxi’s on all three islands run a monopoly and the price is steep. If you have or find a group, a taxi truck will save money. If you are a solo traveler, the best way to get around is a scooter taxi or renting a taxi for the days you are there. However, be very careful if you drive or ride on a scooter or motorcycle in Southeast Asia, I will touch more on this in a transportation article. Safety takes a back seat in Southeast Asia, especially when it comes to traffic safety.


Full Moon Tips.
I suggest if you want to do the Full Moon Party to stay as close or in Haad Rin. Taxi’s are especially high on the night of the party and there will be drunk drivers on the road. Stick to a group if you can, be careful how much you drink. I suggest buying alcohol before the party and bringing your own. Bars and restaurants sell buckets and bottles but be very careful. I heard and read that few places will slip drugs in them and when you pass out people will come by and collect your money and anything valuable. Taking your passport is a tough call, many hostels and hotels are broken into that night. I suggest leaving your passport at the lock at the front desk or if your room has a legit locker, using that. Try avoiding the buckets if you have to buy alcohol and try buying bottles and ask for the bottle to be open in front of you. Prices will be double, food and alcohol, so that is another reason to buy alcohol and bring it yourself. I suggest wearing shoes because there will be broken glass on the beach. I know it sucks wearing shoes on the sand but I rather wear shoes than step on glass or burnt cigarettes. However, when the Full Moon Party is not going on, the side of the island is dead.

For the other parties, I suggest following the same precautions when going to any parties on the island.

The other parties on the island are also spread out. I suggest trying to find a central location if you go to all the parties or could move to each location on different night of the parties. One might want to book ahead of time, especially around Haad Rin during Full Moon because the book fast.

I stayed at “The Hostel” on Haad Rin. The hostel is ran by great people. Decent price but you pay for what you get, most the time. First, the shower had leaches on the floor, the lockers were terrible (anyone could break in there and walk out with the lockers) and the air conditioning kept giving out. The plus side of the hostel had access to an amazing pool and a bar (bar is open to the public). I ended up going to Jungle Party and Full Moon Party.


The beach is gorgeous and has different types of activities from sea kayaking, jet skiing to pirate boat cruise. When there are no parties going on, the island is very relaxing and quiet.



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