Patong, Phuket, Thailand

I left Koh Phi Phi Island to head to Patong in Phuket. Phuket is an island (large one) located west of Phi Phi next to the Indian Ocean. The ferry ride was a rough 2.5 hour ride. The weather slowed the trip down. I purchased a spot on a van along with my ferry ride in Phi Phi, the cost was about 6-8 USD. I suggest shopping around for a package deal (van and ferry).


On the ferry, the workers will ask if you want to place your backpack outside on the back of the deck, but you can keep your backpack with you, which I suggest.

Stepping off the dock, the workers looked like a bunch of chickens running with their heads cut off. Like much of Asia, it was very disorganized. I was looking for my van and driver and could not find him. I came to the gentleman who I bought my ticket from and he was looking for the driver. Eventually, after 15 minutes, we found him. He sat me at a table, with 4 other backpackers, where we waited 30 minutes for them to find our van in the parking lot. Eventually, we hit the road. The trip from the docks to Patong was about an hour.

The driver was dropping people off at their hostels/hotels, but as I wing where I stay, it made it difficult for him to decide where to drop me off. I told him to drop me off at the shopping mall. I did research about different hostels and had a few in my mind. I walked around and came across Bodega Phuket (which was on my list) and I ended up staying there. It is a little pricey for a Southeast Asian hostel, around 10 USD a night, but it is nice.

Patong is a huge party spot. Koh Phi Phi is a party spot, but a different atmosphere. Phi Phi was young backpackers while Patong was an older crowd. I might have enjoyed Patong in college but I got my party out of my system in undergrad. I do enjoy a party every once in a while, such as Phi Phi, but Patong was a on a different level. Patong had many Australian and British in their 40s and 50s partying as hard as college spring breakers. The hookers are very aggressive and will grab you. Be careful of your belongings because if you are not paying attention they will pickpocket you.


The bar scene is amazing though. There are so many bars with different themes. Be careful of promoters because they will try to scam you. The beach is ok but by Thailand standards is ok. There are plenty of activities to do on the beach.



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