Ao Nang, Thailand


The picture above is on the bus from Krabi airport heading to Ao Nang Beach (4 USD).

I flew into Krabi and this would start my magical one month journey through Thailand. I recommend finding the cheapest mode of transportation while traveling and in Southeast Asia that means (usually) finding the biggest automobile. If you are traveling alone, avoid taxi’s and tuk tuk’s at all cost. I booked a bus at the airport and it dropped me off at the center of Ao Nang (at McDonald’s). Shop around and try to negotiate prices, some prices will be set.

I booked a night a Glur. Glur is mid price (by Thailand standards, 11 USD a night) hostel. The hostel was one, if not the nicest hostel I stayed at during my trip. Glur’s rooms had plenty of space, clean, nice and big bed mattress, closets made into lockers. The pool looked it belong to a 4 star hotel, free fruit, toast and refill watering station


The next day I wandered around the beach. I had group of lady boys who would not leave me alone, so I had to scat quickly, in the process I cut my toe. The cut was not bad, but I still needed to clean it. That being said, the pharmacist really did not help me any. I ended up getting alcohol, etc. to clean up the cut.

Picture above, clearly this restaurant did not know how to properly pour beer, but the koozie definitely made up for it.

Later that night I checked into the Slumber Party Hostel. This hostel was much cheaper (USD 4-6 a night). The owner and other workers were friendly and enjoyed partying (there is a bar in the front, nice set up) but they were not that organized (message me for questions). The hostel was not bad though, clean beds, clean bathrooms, nice book trade (probably the best on my trip) and decent price drinks at the bar.

10390544_10202913280769326_1823772689395169467_n10615338_10202913276209212_203068502260549613_nSlumber Party does a bar hop, you can skip it. Their bar hop is also 10 USD, which I think is pricey for SE Asia standards. The bar scene in Ao Nang is not good. Ao Nang is not a party scene, more of a relax place, which is fine. If you want to drink, I suggest going to the bars yourself, meeting up with people and going to the bars, drinking at your hostel or just head down to the beach. The only problem with going out to the bars is, you will be walking a lot or taking tuk tuk’s because the town is spread out. Ao Nang is a perfect town to relax on the beach from the party scene.



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