Kuala Lumpur


Where do I start? I will start off where I left, Singapore. The Singapore airport was nice, probably top five on my list, but the terminal was the best part of the airport, vice versa in Kuala Lumpur.

My hostel was located about 10 minutes from the subway tracks of Chinatown and right next to Central Market. I stayed at Marquee Guest House. The hostel was not bad, but not the best (definitely bring toilet paper to this hostel, better off just always carrying two rolls when in Asia). Be prepare to pay for public restrooms in SE Asia (cost is about 5 us cents, not much). The rooms at the hostel were cramp and small but one big dorm room had plenty of space (I lucked out for once). Free computers and free wifi, with a cool hang out area and they served toast and coffee in the mornings (as do many hostels).

Central Market was a little too tourist for me, some good shopping if you want to get gifts. I would suggested to go to the street market in Chinatown to bargain shop (clothing, shoes, etc.) and street food (cheap, fresh and good food). I enjoyed the wonderful smells around Chinatown, the fresh fruits, the sweets, etc.


Kuala Lumpur was my first taste of aggressive shop keepers, still more relaxed compared to many other countries in SE Asia.

Hostels around Central Market are a great spot for eating, shopping and sightseeing but it is far from the nightlife, for backpackers at least.


I met a person at the hostel and we decided to go to Batus Cave. I highly recommend to check it out. Short commute from the central train station. The cave has a couple of statues, couple big ones. There are few shops and places to eat. To get to the cave, you need to climb up some stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, you will get a nice few of the city. Make sure none of your belongings are loose, because a monkey will sang it. There are plenty of monkeys all around and they are not afraid of humans.

A monkey came behind the girl I was with and stole her water bottle. The monkey was intelligent enough to open the cap and poor the water on the steps and drink it. I suggest to pick up after yourself because I highly doubt anyone does, or does often.


The Petronas Towers should not be missed, I suggest going at night. I went out to a market, near the Towers, I do not remember the name, but it is very close to the Towers and many backpacker/youth hostels. The nightlife is in the area. KL’s nightlife is not the best for the city of its size.


KL’s airport is nice, good selection of food and shops, but once you get into the terminal the selection of food is slim. I would suggest giving KL 2-3 days, not much to do but I am glad I stopped by.


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