Shanghai, China

I was on my way to Southeast Asia, but first I had a twelve hour lay over in Shanghai. Americans, among few other nationalities, have 72 hours visa free in certain cities in China. I decided to explore around the city for a while, since the Shanghai airport is dull for starters.


The subway from the airport to the city is pretty simple commute. Half way from the airport to the city (vice versa) you will need to change trains, (I believe it is the Longhua Rd. stop), everyone on the train will be getting off to change trains. You can pay extra for the train, non-stop, that will take you close to Shanghai Tower.

First stop, I saw the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower. I eventually moved South Shaanxi Road, also known as Shanghai French Concession, which is lovely. Highly recommend it. Plenty of cheap bouquet clothing shops.


My last stop was at traditional town, which was tourist central. Tourist shops and many cool tea shops. The air took on an acrid smell. Shanghai would be the first taste of animal abuse I saw on my trip. I saw an older woman selling turtles (different types of turtles) in a laundry mesh bag. My first thought was, buy them all and release them, but how many of those turtles are native to the area and could they have survived, this were not teenage mutant ninja turtles. I understand the lady’s limited opportunity of making money but also breaks my heart. After the visit to Shanghai, it encourage me more to visit China.


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