Traveler Insurance

10603789_10202913599977306_8280872951295903146_nI just finished a three month backpacking journey through Central and Southeast Asia. Traveler’s insurance is recommended any time one travels. I suggest looking at rates and especially reviews. Of course, you are the only one who knows what you need and looking for, but reviews will come in handy. Some credit cards have insurance companies, I suggest calling and asking first. When looking for a credit card, keep that in mind if you are constantly traveling outside of the country. From my point of view, many of the traveler’s insurance I came across seem to be disreputable. Many customer reviews for the big name companies were not promising. I decided on Travelex. Travelex seemed to fit my needs the best and overall, I felt like had the best reviews from customers and one of the better consumer reports. I paid little under $400 dollars for fourteen week trip throughout Asia. My plan covered any medical expenses, lost baggage, stolen items and missed/canceled flights. Luckily, I did not have to use my insurance. I highly recommend getting travelers insurance, it is better to pay 400 dollars than few thousand. Example, when I was leaving Ko Samui, a German girl had fell off a scooter. She broke her bone and went to a hospital, the cost ended up being over $3,000 US dollars. The hospital did not want to do surgery until it received the money. Better safe than sorry.


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