Review of 2014 Ultra Korea


The two day festival did not live up to my expectations but it was still enjoyable. The crowd was made up of Koreans, students, foreigners (backpackers, ESL teachers, military), young to old. The last few years had fantastic line up, not to say this summer’s did not, but this summer was a little dry. However, to each its own, right?

The tickets were about 200 USD cheaper than the Miami Ultra festival, but Miami has an extra day and more artist. When buying the tickets online, put your whole given birth name. Do not put your nickname or leave out your middle name. I had quit a few problems but eventually worked it out. I wasted too much time dealing with the tickets through a third party, so if you want to save time, use your full birth name.

The festival started off my backpack journey, which I will talk about more in later posts. The venue was spread out well. I thought security did a poor job with handling concert goers, to my advantage and disadvantage. It was pretty easy to sneak in bottles of alcohol. I placed two bottles in my back pockets. Security did I half ass pat down and did a metal detector scan. I played it cool and walked through, where most people got scared and did not go through with it. Sadly, I could not bring in a zoom camera. The web site said no professional camera and this was not a professional camera, yet, they were allowing people bring in GoPros (yes, I know it is not a professional camera, but GoPros still take fantastic videos).

Friday during the day was little slow (crowd wise). I am assuming the crowd was smaller because people were at work or school. Friday night picked up, where Saturday during the day was busy and the night was a mad house. The artist, who in my opinion, put on the best show were Empire of the Sun, Nervo and The Bloody Beetroots. Overall, it was a good experience and I am glad I went.



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