Is Looney Tunes Dead?


Growing up I watched cartoon shows like Rugrats, Doug, Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo, the Simpsons, South Park, etc. I was never really into Looney Tunes, but as an adult I love it. I never see Looney Tunes on and major networks anymore, at least I never notice it.

It seems like children these days are not interested in Looney Tunes. Maybe the themes and jokes are little outdated. Children should still love the slapstick violence, right?

Winnie the Pooh, just in 2013, was worth 5.3 billion, while Looney Tunes had 1 billion. One Disney character, of course a famous one but not the most popular, was worth more than the whole LT gang. Pooh’s target audience is younger than Bug’s to be fair. I bring this up because, Disney continues to market while Warner Brothers fails to do that for LT. LT still plays in some countries overseas, such as Ireland.

When will LT be outdated? Six Flags helps with the image but one might feel that Bugs image might just be a random guy in a costume. Tiny Toons had a strong following and gather a cult following. There are still LT comic books and the last LT movie (2003) had a star cast but did not do well in domestic box office (68 million with a 80 million budget).

The question is, how do we save LT, or does Warner Brothers even want to save it? An idea, play shorts, like Pixar does before their feature-length films. Shorts before DC comic book films, the next Hobbit, Lego Movie 2, etc. The films that will focus on children, family audiences and big budget films. Sit here brainstorm and keep reading articles about LT.


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