Open Letter to Millennials


The term ‘Millennials’ in the workplace (and among many older people) has received a bad notion. I am a Millennial and I do believe our generation has its issues, like all generations but we are not as bad as many believe.

However, this is an open letter to the Millennials who think they should get a job that starts 50k+ but not have the experience, networking, etc. Let me start off by, many Millennials I know do not believe this. I was taught this growing up, by American society, “Go to college and you’ll make good money”. We, Millennials, have been told our whole lives to go to college, after college we will be able to find good jobs. This mindset was dangerous, because some Millennials I know and have talked to, do not want to take an internship, volunteer or low paying job after college. For different reasons, one is they think it is below them, or maybe they need to find a real job to pay off the massive student debt they have collected. I will not go into debt much deeper, maybe another time. I do believe our generation is good and not “lazy” as many people say we are. Our generation did not start two wars, made the economy go down by the housing market. We were brought up on that we can do anything we want and got a trophy for losing (not saying I believe that is wrong or right). I hear we are the “me, me, me” generation but, by stats, we do more volunteer work, stats here.

This is an open letter to the Millennials who think they get that dream job or job that pays 50,60k starting off a year without hard work. I recently read an article on The article was written by a young lady and she’s complaining about how she cannot find a job. She has a Public Relations degree. She states that, she cannot find a job in PR. I have no idea what her experiences are. She talked about how she did not want to take an internship or administrative position “picking up phones”. [Side note, I understand it is dangerous to get into a field that you do not want to go into, so not taking the administrative position is understandable, however the way she goes about it and acts like it is below her.] I also do not know her financial situation, but it sounds like she is fine because if she was hurting for money, she would take any job. A good idea would be take the internship and continuing to look for a job. This allows you to gain more experience and network. She talks about how she does not want to be a waitress. I understand that also, you have a college degree, why go to college if you are going wait? Well, times are hard, and a job is a job. Example, work as a waitress part time or maybe full time, network, and find an internship that is in your field to keep your experience. Many Millennials coming out of college do not understand that you have to start from the bottom. Many of us have been given everything without the work, not saying all.

I do not blame this mindset (at least for the large portion) on Millennials but the parents, education system and media. I went to a top 100 University, had a double major and a minor, interned and network crazy in college and I still had a difficulty finding work. Reading her article just made me upset, upset how some of us think and act. I even know some parents who believe it also.

It reminds me of a scene from Entourage, “This guy with no assistant, answers his own phone, is trying to hip pocket me”.  The scene was implying that this guy who has no experience is trying to get a job he does not have enough experience.


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