Social Norms ….. Told By Seinfeld


Many people call Seinfeld, “a show about nothing”. The show is about social norms and how the characters do not follow the social norms of American society. That is why I find the show hilarious.

A few examples are, a scene where George is at a party and he double dips his chip. A man calls him out on it saying he cannot do it, and George tells him there are two different ways in doing it. George says he likes his way and is going to keep doing it. George regards the norm of only dipping your chip once. There are a collection of episodes of dating norms which are great and just too many to pick from. The one I will touch on is how George is too slow to pick up “want to come up for coffee?”. George actually thinks the woman is asking him for coffee.

There are many more examples, but I wanted to give my reasoning on a show that is more than just “it’s about nothing”. Humans always wear mask. We wear these mask in public, to hide our true selves, to fit into into society and not break rules. Where in Seinfeld, the characters do not follow social norms, which makes the show honest and funny.


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