Coke Superbowl Commercial


Living fourteen hours away from the East Coast Time Zone I did not care to wake up early and search online to watch the Super Bowl.

Many people are afraid of change, from the change of demographics and ideas, and that is understandable. I do not think many people understood the point Coke was trying to get across. Coming across “terrorist” language on tweets including spanish speakers (I forgot Catalina terrorist groups wanted to destroy America). Our federal government has not declared any language as an official language.

America was empty until people mainly from Serbia (not caucasian) crossed the Bearing Straits land bridge, vikings (non English speakers), Spaniards with an Italian explorer (non English speakers, and many Spaniards speak languages other than Spanish, even though Spaniards are caucasian .. Western European with celtic/germanic roots to name a few, people in America think of them as a Latino/Hispanic race. Latinos/Hispanics are not a race, but an ethnicity, two different things). Which leads to modern day American territories that could become US states (Puerto Rico) where the common language is Spanish. Group of English came (and there’s a difference between England, Great Britain and United Kingdom which many Americans get mixed with) and eventually the arrival of the Dutch, French, Germans, Scots, Irish, Swedes, etc. And blacks who were forced to come to the Western World from present day Ivory Coast, Angola, Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo, etc, and eventually people from Japan and China to our west coast and later Koreans, to from Southeast Asia countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc.) and India (yes they’re Asians) came to America. And now new waves from Central America and East Europe.

This shows how diverse America is, from color of ones skin, to religion and language. The commercial touches on how America is a quilt. A group of people came to America and added one pattern on a quilt, and with another group, another quilt pattern.

So, people cannot speak another language in America other than English? For those of you questioning Coke’s commercial, you have never heard another dialect in America? Really, no? Your high school didn’t require you to learn Spanish, French, etc? This is where I wish people would not jump to conclusions and judge people so quickly. So what if you hear someone else speak a different language at the store. That is their native language, that does not mean they do not know how to speak English. Maybe they do not, and I agree, you should know or learn the English language if you live in America. But there is no need for the judgmental racist comments. I currently live in another country where English is not the first language. Of course around my non Korean friends, I am going to speak English because that is my native language. Many people in America, will not speak English at home or with friends because that is not their native language and they are more comfortable with their native tongue. Guess what, many of their children rather speak English, because they were born in America. Many people born in America will not understand how hard it is to drop and leave everything for a better opportunity. If you leave America and force to move to a non speaking nation and had to learn their language, especially something difficult for English speakers like Korean or Finnish, you would speak English at home and around other English speakers. One should not judge until you have been in their shoes, I am assuming they still teach that in first grade or I hope.

Maybe we can blame our education system for not truly educating our country. I am not blaming teachers, administrations, parents or students, just the system.

The point of that commercial is America is diverse. It makes us a stronger country (Einstein was not born in America, yet look how much he helped our country). The people are speaking another language, but they are singing the language they know the best to describe their love for America. Instead of jumping to conclusion, how about you take time to truly understand the commercial story line. Because I am sure half of the racist comments come from people who have “15%” Cherokee Indian in them.

So yes, get out of our country. We should let people bright people with potential to make our country stronger go back to China and India right? Americans, a whole, need to know more languages. Where many Asian nations are driving hard for their students to learn two, three languages and Europeans, Africans knowing more than one language makes them stronger in this new global market. This English only nationalism idea is not helping America.

But, Americans should not be surprised by these racist comments (and remember, racism is everywhere), after Marc Anthony and a young Mexican-American boy sang the national anthem at sporting events, Miss USA, all receiving racial comments. The thing I don’t like is “The Gotcha Culture” has never been worse. People have watched the media do it for so long, they’re now doing their own citizen’s arrests. People like that have been thinking like that before social media. There are better things to do besides policing twitter for ignorant comments. We should not be the NSA going through people’s tweets and going “ah, got ya!”.

I believe many of these people (getting upset about Coke’s commercial and Miss USA) think America is wonderful because Joe Nobody can work hard and become something (this article is not here to talk about inequalities in our society). This is just the thought of the American Dream. An American Dream were people from Europe, Africa, Asia came with one suitcase to becoming wealthy or at least giving their children a better opportunity. So what is the big deal about someone speaking the language the know the best to sing a song about their love for America? Besides, if they just moved here, they might get the lyrics (America the Beautiful) wrong on the first time singing in English.

A country where everyone should have the same equal rights, from women, to homosexuals, children, bi-racial couples, etc. We have seen it in the past, different groups struggling to get equal rights. Maybe think twice next time when someone says they are a vegan or vegetarian and you joke about how you like eating meat, or how you do not understand how someone can eat dolphin but yet you eat a cow, which has intelligence and can feel pain just like a dolphin. Turn the tables, what if you are a Christian and an Atheist found out and made a joke about Jesus.


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