Hong Kong


I landed in Shanghai for my lay over and it would be the start of the first story. Looking out the window, while landing, the stories of how poor the air quality was evident. I felt the plane was landing in an ash tray. The airport’s international side had two restaurants (one is hidden). Everything is overpriced by airport standards. The bookstore had a decent selection of books in English and German.

I flew into Hong Kong, hopped onto a train and met up with my friend, who was teaching English. Her pay was similar to that of Korea, but she had to pay her own rent. The first night I step with her and her roommates in a district where all the foreigners went. Many of the foreigners I met worked in the financial district and were dropping a grand, in USD, on drinks. I spent the next day wondering around the city. I went around to different parks and markets. That Saturday, my friend, her roommates and I went to the Giant Buddha. I highly suggest going to the Giant Buddha.

We spent the night at different nightlife spots. Buying Tiger beer at 7/11 and partying on the streets with other foreigners. People socialize outside the bars in HK. If you are Western, you might get a culture shock. Many of the locals will get drunk and just pass out in public. In Korea, I saw more older men passed out in public but in Hong Kong it was more of the younger crowd. It is common in much of Asia for people to buy alcohol at 7/11 and drink it outside.



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