My flight arrived on Wednesday evening. The Skyliner was my first Japanese experience. I took the Skyliner from Narita International Airport to the city. My hostel was in Ueno district. The Japanese were helpful with directions. My hostel directions were poorly written and drawn (yes, someone from the hostel had drawn a map for backpackers). I had two Japanese and one Canadian, who has been living in Tokyo for about half a decade, help me find my hostel.


The first day I spent was in Shinjuku, the downtown district. I went to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, city hall. The building has a free view on the observation deck (picture below). Shinjuku is the red-light district of the city. Second day I spent my day in Shibuya. Shibuya is the fashion district. In Shibuya, you will find teenyboopers, hipsters and gorgeous women. That evening I made my way to Meijingu Shrine. That night I spent my time in Ebisu. My last day I spent time in Ueno during the day and made my way to the Skytree that night. Overall I wish I had more time in Tokyo. It was hands down a city I truly enjoyed and wish I had more time to explore.


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