Pohang, South Korea


Last weekend, my latest day trip was to Pohang. The reason I took this trip was to see the Hand of Harmony (picture above).  The Hand is actually not located in Pohang city limits but a small fishing village called Homigot. I suggest taking the bus (or hitchhike) up there and not a taxi. One way taxi trip is almost 40,000 won ($38-$40). Take bus 200, outside of intercity bus terminal/home plus, to Guryongpo. The bus is just as fast as the taxi and cost is 3,000 won ($3). When you get to Guryongpo transfer buses, unfortunately I do not know the bus number but a taxi ride from Guryongpo to the Hand is about 4,000 won ($4).

There is a lighthouse and a visitors center near by. In the visitors center, there is an observation deck with a nice view. The cost is free and I highly recommend it. I am not sure what there hours are, but it is not open 24/7. There are some food stands around the area, basic Korean food.


I experienced my first hitchhiked ride. Homigot is in the boonies and with no taxi or bus in site, my friend and I started walking. It was getting late and about five to six cars passing us within ten minutes. We stopped at a gas station to ask for the taxi company’s phone number. Unable to reach anyone at the taxi service, I decided that we try our luck in hitchhiking. Luckily we got an old gentleman to pull over. I get into the car and it reeks of Soju (Korean rice liquor). I assume man has been drinking, he starts driving, running red lights and just flying down the road, great I am in the car with Go Mifune. I’m in the back looking for the seat belt, no luck, seat covers have it cover. The driver does not have his seat belt. As you might have guessed, I made it back in one piece. I think I’ll stay away from hitchhiking for a while.


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