The older I get, the number of moves to different cities and traveling makes me realize how important and amazing friendships are. People come and go in life, from important people to an acquaintance; co-workers, teachers, friends and family. It is sad but that is life. I always try to stay in touch, from old bosses for networking to friends who I truly care for. I put the effort to stay in touch. I go to different cities to visit my friends, contact them on Skype, phone, text messaging, etc., I invite them over to come visit me. Many of my friends do a terrific job but I feel some do not understand or at least value relationship.

When departing high school, going to college, joining the military, traveling, meeting colleagues through work, people are going to go their own ways. People get older and that means change and responsibility. Serious relationships, getting married, real jobs where they take up so much time, children, taking care of an ill parent, etc., I understand it is hard for people to keep in touch. For a few friends, I only speak to them once or twice a year. Few people do not truly grasp the meaning of friend. It is important to stay in touch with people who played a role in your life. I am not saying keep looking at the past. It is important to look at the present and plan your future. Focusing on the past will never let someone move forward and live their life. But friends help shape who you are and they have a place in your heart and mind.

I still keep in touch with old bosses, even if it was not a friendship, I had a professional relationship with them. Keeping in touch with old bosses and workers is great for a networking reason for both parties.

Many of my college friends, including grade schools friends are spread out the country, few overseas. I know people in different cities, which is good when I travel or move. However, traveling overseas, most the countries I do not know anyone. I come to realize how important it is to have people who care about you in your life. People who are there to help. It is wonderful to do things alone and have time to yourself, but humans are social creatures, and in the end we that link.


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