Judy Funnie, The Original Hipster


If you know who Judy Funnie is, you are definitely watched 90’s Nickelodeon and if you do not know her, you are not a millennial or you lived in the woods with Ted Kaczynski (google it).

Judith “Judy” Funnie, was a character in the Nickelodeon, which sold the rights to Disney, show Doug. Judy is the sister to the show’s Protagonist, Doug. Judy’s character has the feel of a stereotypical beatnick (beat generation of Jack Kerouac and William S Borrough). This just enforces Judy’s many traits that proves she is the original hipster of the millennial generation.

Judy was the black sheep out of Doug and her parents, but we see grandma Funnie and we know hipster runs in the family. Judy attends a gifted art school, loves theater and Shakespeare (which makes her dramatic), dresses in purple/black with her beret and sunglasses, her haircut looks to be the early stages of a Skrillex cut, she practices yoga and meditation, she can juggling a soccer ball (ok so what, well in the early 90’s in America, soccer was really only played in suburban/private yuppie schools).

Judy brings up topics such as “the capitalist scheme”, how things are “spiritual good”, how she would not be caught dead at a beets concert (mainstream rock band developed from The Beatles and Rolling Stones), which leads to how Judy is against trends and juvenile conformity as she mentioned about the show “Teen Heart Street” (a knock off of 90210).

If you hate hipsters you can blame Judy Funnie but if you love hipsters you can thank Judy Funnie.


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