George Zimmerman: Race & Ethnicity Are Not the Same

The George Zimmerman story has been the case of the year. Reading twitter and facebook post and media outlets, many people are confused between race, ethnicity and even nationality. Clearly stating, Zimmerman is a Caucasian. 

Now, I am not saying he is innocent or guilty, because I was not in the court room. I do not believe we should focus on this issue as being race, but more of the Florida gun laws and stand your ground law, and other questions for the gated community. Also, many people forgot about the police department in Stanford, FL not investing this case. Stanford is a suburb of Orlando and I lived in Orlando when this happened and people in the community were outraged that the police department did a poor job with this case. This is not the first time this PD has been in the news for bad press.

Back to why Zimmerman is a Caucasian. Race is not only the color of someone’s skin, but physical traits, however, race has no biological or genetic basis (myth of race which I will touch on later).

There are three races Caucasian (Aryans, Hamites, Semites), Mongolian (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, AmericanIndian) and Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese.

Zimmerman has been mentioned as Caucasian and Hispanic or Latino. Hispanics are many things, they are black, white, mix, they can be from Asia, etc. Hispanic is an ethnicity. Many “hispanics” in the world consider themselves Caucasian. Caucasians, like Mongolians and Negriods, have different skin tone, but that does not mean they are not Caucasian. 

Ethnicity, is not race, but a group of people who share a common cultural/heritage. Many Americans think Hispanics/Latinos are a race. By the United States census bureau, hispanics (term coming from Hispania which is common day Portugal and Spain) are all people from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc. These countries all have different backgrounds from Western European/Middle East (Spain) and American Indian. An example, Spain has a rich tradition of melting pot, Celtic and Germanic tribes migrated to Spain, people form the Iberian Peninsula, now Greece and Italy, the Moors, and Gipsies from Turkey, Egypt came to settle in Spain. Spain among other Western European countries settled the Americas. Before Europeans came to the Americas, the people who lived in America were Mongolians, these are your native Americans, Mayans, etc. This leads to a mixture of between Mongolians and Caucasians. The mixture however does not form another race. Some South American countries, Uruguay and Argentina have a population of 95%+ Caucasian population, Brazil has about 40% caucasian and around 40% black and rest other. Mexico Caucasian population is around 17 to 20% while their Mongolian population is up to 70%. Many Mexico Caucasians are educated and have the money to stay in Mexico, unlike the Mongolian population, who lack the education and come to America. This is where America gets the stereotype that all Hispanics are not Caucasian.

Zimmerman’s father is caucasian, his mother is from Peru. Zimmerman’s mom marks down hispanic on her voter registration. However, there is no place for her to mark down her race. The population of Peru is a mixture of ancestry, from Spaniards to African nations to Amerindians. Zimmerman’s mom is most likely a mixture of caucasian and mongolian. Zimmerman is more caucasian than anything else. This leads to how a race is a myth and how this case should not be based on race. Example, many Americans calm to have Amerindian blood, well Amerindians are not Caucasian but Mongolian, however, these people still claim to be Caucasian. What is the difference between someone with Amerindian ethnicity which is the same as Peru Natives (mongolian)? Olivia Munn is a great example, her mother is Chinese, but when you look at Olivia she looks like a “white American”.

This leads to how Americans should not look to race and how Joseph Graves writes about the race myth. In the end, this case should have not been about race but justice.


2 responses to “George Zimmerman: Race & Ethnicity Are Not the Same

  1. I agree due to my Hispanic people seem to forget and blacks seem to be an weak leak for outsiders to attack our fellow Americans due to illegal activity both in this country ( criminal minded Americans) and outsiders whom hate our countries american business giving jobs to us Americans rather than foreign

    • In other words we r americans in one melted pot of gold living the American dream but instead many let the false race card ruin us

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