Nickelodeon’s Doug, Evil vs Good


I am sure that most Millennials know the name Douglas Yancey Funnie aka Doug Funnie. Doug was the main character on the show “Doug”, which was one of the original three Nicktoons (Ren & Stimpy and Rugrats the other two). Doug premiered on August of 1991. Doug not only set the course for classic 90’s Nickelodeon television but for pop culture for us Millennials. Doug’s first four seasons were on Nickelodeon but the last few were bought out by Disney and played on ABC on Saturday mornings.

The series touched on bullying, rumors, puppy love, family and friendship. The themes would revolve around the right thing to do. Doug was in sixth grade but when Disney bought the series, Doug started the seventh grade.

Doug was Bluff Scouts (knock off of boy scouts), played sports (though he was not the most athletic), a B student, introvert, insecure at times, naive, had a big heart, large imagination, a talent for drawing, writing and music.

Doug had many alter egos. He imagines himself fighting evil in the the series. All knock offs of pop culture, Smash Adams (James Bond), Quailman (Superman) and Race (Indiana Jones). His alter egos helped him to see his problems in another light and help him fight evil. His dog, Porkchop, is Doug’s sidekick and sometimes takes up as his conscience.

Doug acquires many situations where he must figure out what is right not for him but for the greater good.  An episode where the Bluff Scouts are selling chocolate. Doug decides to switch the chocolate he is selling because the Bluff Scouts Booster Bar “taste like cement”. Doug believes that he cannot lie, which (spoiler alert) at the end of the episode he cannot lie about and solves the chocolate problem with the owner. Doug is honest and shows his integrity. Throughout the series Doug shows compassion (when he did not want to pull Connie’s, classmates, hat off after her haircut during a truth and dare game), loyalty (when Porkchop was accused of acting a classmate and he stuck by him until he was proven innocent), he saves the lives of others while wearing a burger mascot, all of these are just a few examples.

Doug taught the audience about morals and what is right and wrong. Everyone has different morals, but Doug touched on the moral norms of our society. Doug was truly one of the hero’s of 90’s television.



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