Celebrities, Build Em’ Up, Tear Em’ Down


Look, it’s Britney Spears with no hair! Our society loves celebrities, from actors, athletes, royal wives and “politicians” (Sarah Palin). We love being famous so much that teens try to be celebrities from collecting tweeter followers and how many likes they can get from strangers on Instagram. People are fascinated with the famous. Americans at the gym, grocery store and on smart phones catch up on the latest sleaze on the Biebs. People (for the most part) must believe their own lives are that boring, no offense.

People like to the point the finger at paparazzi. True, paparazzi are part to blame, but if people were not spending money on magazines with their pictures, they would be out of a job. Paparazzi have come a long way from their innocent starts in Italy. One could argue, how can you profit from something bad… oh, you mean a doctor or lawyer? The editors of magazines and producers of shows could also take some blame. However, the blame boils down to the consumers. Buying a good is the most powerful way to vote. When buying a product, you support what you are buying and telling Wall Street, Daddy likes. If readers did not buy People or watch TMZ, the paparazzi and these producers would be out of a job. It is a life cycle like everything in life and sadly people are blind by it.

Our society loves to build people up, Britney Spears, and tear them down in the end. We love to watch the downfall of people, Amanda Bynes, Tara Ried, Paris Hilton, etc. Sure, there is no excuse for what they are doing, but we should be helping them instead of laughing at them. People made fun of Whitney Houston when she died. Her death was not a laughing matter, she had a drug problem. If Whitney was your mother or daughter, you would certainly not make a joke. Princess Diana was beloved by the world and people would love to read about her and her gossip. Her car was being chased by the paparazzi which resulted in her death (car crash). People blamed the paparazzi, but in reality it was their money who killed her.

When we focus on attention on celebrity gossip instead of current events, economy and reading books that better ourselves, that is when society dips. I understand that people what to read somewhere else’s life and get away from theirs. Having excitement is escaping reality, that is why we have vacations, right? No one is perfect, but as the old saying goes, treat people how you want to be treated.


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